27 March, 2008

"Phantom" Object in RL

I found a very interesting movie in a famous Japanese website yesterday.

Daily portal Z (Japanese only) is a comical site. It always experiments on very maniac themes, and makes the result public. In this feature, They experiment on "Walking straight" by the theme "Arriving straight at the sea" disregarding a usual road.

This movie looks like it was taken in a virtual space. The "pass-through" scene taken in the real world is very impressive though we are not surprised even if the same thing occurs in a virtual space. The space that Kimio Itozaki and I produced has the same atmosphere as this.

I wrote in Abstract,

There is very effective method - composing the space with “Navigation” by using “Material” from the real-world. The program ties the photograph and Movie.

In seeing Daily portal Z's work, I reconfirmed the importance of the above-mentioned method.

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