26 March, 2008

Study of super-wide angle interface

I set a prototype of super-wide angle interface in Archidemo.

"Costa del Número" by Hirotaka Tobi + Hidenori Watanave + Jiron Koyama

I am advancing the plan to exhibit past image-archives of SIGGRAPH in the In-world now. This is open to the public in this year's SIGGRAPH ASIA.

The angle of a super-wide angle might be necessary for the interface to access a huge image archive intuitively. It is a problem to seem that the object is transformed from us if it sets it to the super-wide-angle lens with Second Life. But this problem is likely to solve it by remodeling the client.

In addition, a more wonderful interface can be achieved by applying the controller of Nintendo wii, and the globe image screen, etc. I will produce with my students in Tokyo Metropolitan University and Digital Hollywood University, and moreover, I want to cooperate with game-interface researchers and In-world architects.

SIGGRAPH ASIA is held in Singapore in December this year. I report on the progress of this project by this blog.

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