29 May, 2008

Virtual Residency Project

I was chosen as one of three participants of Location One » Location One Virtual Residency Project.

The "residency" will begin officially on June 1, 2008 and will conclude with an exhibition (virtual or physical, depending on the nature of the project) at Location One in November, 2008.

We will start "Virtual" artist-in-residence together on Next week. I plan to use 3DGIS and 3D-internet as a platform.

Hidenori Watanave (Tokyo, Japan)

Susanne Berkenheger (Berlin, Germany)

Andy Deck (New York, USA)

19 May, 2008

Oscar Niemeyer on Google Earth

I found Oscar Niemeyer's 'NiterĂ³i Contemporary Art Museum' on Google Earth.

It is User-Generated-Model on Google Earth, and everyone can fly into and walk through the Architecture. The Architecture with map and satellite image has a persuasive power, stronger than that in 3Di space.

I will make a presentation and an exhibition in FILE2008, and 2008 is Japanese Brazil exchange year. I will do the experiment of connecting and overwrapping 3DGIS and 3Di, as the application of design-method of Contents Oriented Space.

01 May, 2008

Editing and Creating buildings in Google Earth 4.3

I tried to edit and create buildings in Google Earth 4.3.

(Because I used slow PC, operation is awkward.)

You can delete buliding freely with right-clicking on 3-d model and select "hide building", and create new object with polygon menu. If you have Sketchup or other 3-d software, you can put more detailed object, too. Oh, it is metaversed!!

Google Earth will be widely used as a very strong, free platform in the field of the visual environment simulation.

Only a geostationary object can be put now. However, various interactions will be added by using the script such as kml and LSL in the near future.