27 March, 2008

"Phantom" Object in RL

I found a very interesting movie in a famous Japanese website yesterday.

Daily portal Z (Japanese only) is a comical site. It always experiments on very maniac themes, and makes the result public. In this feature, They experiment on "Walking straight" by the theme "Arriving straight at the sea" disregarding a usual road.

This movie looks like it was taken in a virtual space. The "pass-through" scene taken in the real world is very impressive though we are not surprised even if the same thing occurs in a virtual space. The space that Kimio Itozaki and I produced has the same atmosphere as this.

I wrote in Abstract,

There is very effective method - composing the space with “Navigation” by using “Material” from the real-world. The program ties the photograph and Movie.

In seeing Daily portal Z's work, I reconfirmed the importance of the above-mentioned method.

26 March, 2008

Study of super-wide angle interface

I set a prototype of super-wide angle interface in Archidemo.

"Costa del Número" by Hirotaka Tobi + Hidenori Watanave + Jiron Koyama

I am advancing the plan to exhibit past image-archives of SIGGRAPH in the In-world now. This is open to the public in this year's SIGGRAPH ASIA.

The angle of a super-wide angle might be necessary for the interface to access a huge image archive intuitively. It is a problem to seem that the object is transformed from us if it sets it to the super-wide-angle lens with Second Life. But this problem is likely to solve it by remodeling the client.

In addition, a more wonderful interface can be achieved by applying the controller of Nintendo wii, and the globe image screen, etc. I will produce with my students in Tokyo Metropolitan University and Digital Hollywood University, and moreover, I want to cooperate with game-interface researchers and In-world architects.

SIGGRAPH ASIA is held in Singapore in December this year. I report on the progress of this project by this blog.

Sunset in RL/SL

Now I live in Odaiba, Tokyo - here.
Both of SL and RL became sunset when I was working in SL.

Very beautiful, too. The color of SL in the evening looks like that of RL well, in Tokyo.

24 March, 2008


I introduce my project "NEtROBOt Project" (2004-2005) that was exhibited in SIGGRAPH2004 and won Prix ARS ELECTRONICA honorable mention.

(c)2004,2005 NEtROBOt Project

It was an experimental project that connected human-body and robot and achieved communications of simultaneous/unsimultaneous, physics/non-physics through the web. At that time, there was no platform of a virtual-space only as shockwave3d. I wrote in description,

This project started based on AIBO, because which is the best robot/interface available in the present market.
But, This is also a concept which can extend to the general robots and devices that have various sensors and actuators.

From now on, we want to extend our concept toward an infinite possibility of the human interface between "actual-space and the WEB-space", and make both worlds more close to each other.

Moreover, this project offers to extend the power of web3D in familiar way with its contents creators. There is a market where the tools and the creators have already existed enough, so the future is beside you.
This concept can be achieved more easily now at the time of exist a lot of Metaverse services. It seems to become my activity theme of this year.

23 March, 2008

Jumper - teleport to All artworks

I set "Jumper" - teleporter to All artworks in Archidemo.

This is simple equipment that uses the teleport function of "offset". This is one of the expression types of "Contents Oriented Space" that I described in the Abstract. All point = contents will be connected with the jumper in the future...like hyperlink. What meaning do walking and the flight - imitation of physical experience - have at that time?

LSL is refer to this website (Japanese Only)
vector target=<110.31,34.50,137.25>;
vector offset;

on_rez(integer params)
offset = (target- llGetPos()) *
(ZERO_ROTATION / llGetRot());
llSitTarget(offset, ZERO_ROTATION);

offset = (target- llGetPos()) *
(ZERO_ROTATION / llGetRot());
llSitTarget(offset, ZERO_ROTATION);

changed(integer change)
if (change & CHANGED_LINK)
if (llAvatarOnSitTarget() != NULL_KEY) {

Dance-Performance in the weightless space

I tried the avant-garde dance performance tool in Archidemo by "gekitora Gackt" from "inetdance Japan". Gekitora intends "Dance to be able to appreciate 360 degrees from anywhere", and does various experiments.

Now, A series of four dances can be tested with the dance-pad.

A free body expression act is done in the weightless space. I wore the space suit of "2001:A Space Odyssey" by chance, and suited this dance very much.

I think that, when this experiment is developed, Metaverse that tends to be caught in space recognition of the physical-world with gravity might be able to be constructed more multi-dimensional again. This trial to produce the space recognition with the movement of the body without the wall and the floor might be a prototype of "Architecture in Metaverse".

The activity of gekitora in the future will come to be excited.

Everyone can test it freely at NikkeiBP...here.

18 March, 2008

Peach Mania-rchitecture

An article of Winner (In-wolrd prize) of Digital Design Competition was published by Nikkei Trendy Net (Japanese only).

It is a very detailed article of sela Boa and peeeach Loon's fantastic architecture - [Peach Mania Guerrillax]. They said that "The motif of the space is a Princess Peach of Super Mario Bros. " Their project at all has very pop impression - like video game - unlike other application ideas. Mitsuo Iso (animation director) who one of the judges evaluated this project especially high.

Please see the automatic English translation version.


Very detailed article about "Archidemo"

Very detailed article about the photograph exhibition by two Japanese artists and me in "Archidemo" was published by Nikkei Trendy Net (Japanese Only).

Automatic-translated version is Here - But it is not perfect. ex:"Corabo" means "Collaboration".

by Kimio Itozaki + Hidenori Watanave

This article includes both of experience story of our collaboration and interview with Kimio Itozaki (Artist, Photographer) and Tomoyuki Sakaguchi (Photographer). It is very good article for me, because the artistic report of Second Life (Metaverse) by mass-media is unusual in Japan.

Kimio Itozaki can't access Second Life from his PC environment, but he said "It is the same as an overseas exhibition where I cannot go, and it is also happy.". This is a very interesting, original aspect.

by Hidenori Watanave + Tomoyuki Sakaguchi

Tomoyuki Sakaguchi said "Virtual-Space is an atelier, but it will become a gallery not easily. Two reasons - The number of users is still little, and the access to the space is difficult.". On the other hand, He thinks that Second Life has strong possibility to be as production space and an experiment space.

The following article by Nikkei Trendy Net will be written about the visualisation of Sci-Fi novel world by Hirotaka Tobi (Sci-Fi novelist) + Jiron Koyama (VR creator) + me. I will introduce next article just like this article.

16 March, 2008

The Result of [Digital Design Competiton]

The Result of [Digital Design Competiton] by Nikkei Architecture was announced. This competition is the Final event of Archidemo.

This was epoch-making design competition of Virtual-Worlds, by large amount of money prize (about 20,000 dollars in all) and famous cross-field jury member. Winners was elected from 55 application ideas.

The result of competition was published in the Website of Nikkei Business Publications and Nikkei Architecture magazine. All articles are only Japanese, but, the automatic translation version can be seen here.
Grand Prix : [THE MUSEUM OF THE GLOBE] by Atelier Ten

Competition Theme:

Life Media Museum in 21st century

Jury Member:
  • Ryue Nishizawa
    (Architect, Associate professor of Yokohama National University)
  • Tetsuya Mizuguchi
    (Game Producer, CCO of Q ENTERTAINMENT Inc.)
  • Mitsuo Iso
    (Animation Director, Scenario writer)
  • Hidenori Watanave
    (CEO of Photon, Associate professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Yoshihisa Yamamoto
    (Executive editor of Nikkei Architecture)


Grand Prix

Integrated proposal section (Prize 1,000,000 yen)
Single facilities section(Prize 500,000 yen)
  • [SKY+]
    Naomi Kuratani (Osaka Seikei University)

Integrated proposal section(Prize 100,000 yen)
Single facilities section
In-world Prize (Prize L$100,000)
Honorable Mention

Integrated proposal section
Single facilities section
  • [distance = 4log(2r) + 8.3]
    Takeo Funabashi|SIEMED Dryke (Tokyo Electrical Engineering College information environmental faculty), Support enterprise: Kyodo Printing

Please see result:

This article intoroduced by Ambling in Second Life and Architecture +. Thank you very much.