23 March, 2008

Dance-Performance in the weightless space

I tried the avant-garde dance performance tool in Archidemo by "gekitora Gackt" from "inetdance Japan". Gekitora intends "Dance to be able to appreciate 360 degrees from anywhere", and does various experiments.

Now, A series of four dances can be tested with the dance-pad.

A free body expression act is done in the weightless space. I wore the space suit of "2001:A Space Odyssey" by chance, and suited this dance very much.

I think that, when this experiment is developed, Metaverse that tends to be caught in space recognition of the physical-world with gravity might be able to be constructed more multi-dimensional again. This trial to produce the space recognition with the movement of the body without the wall and the floor might be a prototype of "Architecture in Metaverse".

The activity of gekitora in the future will come to be excited.

Everyone can test it freely at NikkeiBP...here.

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