16 March, 2008

The Result of [Digital Design Competiton]

The Result of [Digital Design Competiton] by Nikkei Architecture was announced. This competition is the Final event of Archidemo.

This was epoch-making design competition of Virtual-Worlds, by large amount of money prize (about 20,000 dollars in all) and famous cross-field jury member. Winners was elected from 55 application ideas.

The result of competition was published in the Website of Nikkei Business Publications and Nikkei Architecture magazine. All articles are only Japanese, but, the automatic translation version can be seen here.
Grand Prix : [THE MUSEUM OF THE GLOBE] by Atelier Ten

Competition Theme:

Life Media Museum in 21st century

Jury Member:
  • Ryue Nishizawa
    (Architect, Associate professor of Yokohama National University)
  • Tetsuya Mizuguchi
    (Game Producer, CCO of Q ENTERTAINMENT Inc.)
  • Mitsuo Iso
    (Animation Director, Scenario writer)
  • Hidenori Watanave
    (CEO of Photon, Associate professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Yoshihisa Yamamoto
    (Executive editor of Nikkei Architecture)


Grand Prix

Integrated proposal section (Prize 1,000,000 yen)
Single facilities section(Prize 500,000 yen)
  • [SKY+]
    Naomi Kuratani (Osaka Seikei University)

Integrated proposal section(Prize 100,000 yen)
Single facilities section
In-world Prize (Prize L$100,000)
Honorable Mention

Integrated proposal section
Single facilities section
  • [distance = 4log(2r) + 8.3]
    Takeo Funabashi|SIEMED Dryke (Tokyo Electrical Engineering College information environmental faculty), Support enterprise: Kyodo Printing

Please see result:

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Thaumata said...

what is the SLURL for this beautiful place?

HIdenori Watanave said...

Hi, In the selected idea, both of the concept proposal and structure in Second Life are included.
You can see our "Archidemo" project in NikkeiBP SIM,