18 March, 2008

Very detailed article about "Archidemo"

Very detailed article about the photograph exhibition by two Japanese artists and me in "Archidemo" was published by Nikkei Trendy Net (Japanese Only).

Automatic-translated version is Here - But it is not perfect. ex:"Corabo" means "Collaboration".

by Kimio Itozaki + Hidenori Watanave

This article includes both of experience story of our collaboration and interview with Kimio Itozaki (Artist, Photographer) and Tomoyuki Sakaguchi (Photographer). It is very good article for me, because the artistic report of Second Life (Metaverse) by mass-media is unusual in Japan.

Kimio Itozaki can't access Second Life from his PC environment, but he said "It is the same as an overseas exhibition where I cannot go, and it is also happy.". This is a very interesting, original aspect.

by Hidenori Watanave + Tomoyuki Sakaguchi

Tomoyuki Sakaguchi said "Virtual-Space is an atelier, but it will become a gallery not easily. Two reasons - The number of users is still little, and the access to the space is difficult.". On the other hand, He thinks that Second Life has strong possibility to be as production space and an experiment space.

The following article by Nikkei Trendy Net will be written about the visualisation of Sci-Fi novel world by Hirotaka Tobi (Sci-Fi novelist) + Jiron Koyama (VR creator) + me. I will introduce next article just like this article.

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