15 April, 2008

New Dance-Performance by Gekitora

Here is a new dance performance (motion) by Gekitora.

I reffered his works in this article. Afterwards, I took a capture-movie of the dance performance in "Costa del Número" as a collaboration with Gekitora.

This is a very conceptual work. "Costa del Número" was mentioned in "Virtual Interactive Architectures",

As the virtual has enabled communication between physical spaces for quite some time, this build becomes an interesting metaphor for the spatial/informational relationships between (physical <--> physical) and (physical <--> virtual) spaces.

In addition, our body sensation swings when non-physical dance motion is brought into the space that obscures the boundary of physical and virtual. This is an image taken a picture of by the aspect of one person (me). In adding the image from a multi aspect to here, another effect will arise. In next time, I will take a picture with a lot of spectators.

The discussion of this work is done in Dance-Tech.net.

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Gekitora said...

I was very glad that it was asked by Watanabe to make the dance/movement in "Costa del Número" .
I like to create movements of human body for the demand of another person very much. I call it "Choreodesign".

I considered about "Costa del Número" as follows.

・The outside space is connected to the inside space.
・Both the public spaces and the private spaces are mixed.
・The existances are at random.

To fuse in them, I did choreo-design as follows .

"Feeling of floating in the dreams."
"Mixing of clear geometry characteristics and vivid distortion."
"Continuation of unconscious inertia and conscious control."

It became the first confident work as a result.