21 November, 2009

Second Life workshop by 3 universities in Japan

There are works of the Second Life workshop -起想転街 (Ki-Sou-Ten-Gai)- by Tokyo Metropolitan University, Miyagi University, and a digital Hollywood university. This workshop makes use of "Misunderstanding" that occurs on the Internet in consciousness. The process of the workshop is the following.
  1. Photographs in Hachioji, Akihabara, and Sendai were taken, and shared with Picasa Web Album.
  2. "Urban Myth" of each towns were twitted with twitter.
  3. Towns each other were produced on Second Life by using twits and photographs .
These works are different from the sceneries of actual cities because they were made based on only information on the Internet. In a word, these are imaginary and informationized cities - "i-Cities". You can see all works in in-world and youtube.

『Letter from Miyagi』






『Defended city ~守られる街~』




14 November, 2009

Exhibition @ COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009

Tuvalu Visualization Project will be exhibited in NPO Tuvalu Overview's exhibit space at COP15 - United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009, Dec.07-19.

This project will be exhibited in several places in 2010. More detailed information will be notified by this blog.

03 November, 2009

Tuvalu Visualization Project (Exhibition Edition)

We had completed our exhibition @ Digital Contents Expo 2009, Miraikan, Tokyo. We did the examination screening of super-high-resolution photograph on Google Earth in 4K theater with Shuuichi Endou (Photographer, Rep. of NPO Tuvalu Overview). It will be introduced at the next chance.

and now, we had uploaded "Exhibition Edition" capturing movie. This is including "Build the future with 10000 Tuvaluan" and "Tuvalu Mapping". You can browse all contents at official website.