24 March, 2008


I introduce my project "NEtROBOt Project" (2004-2005) that was exhibited in SIGGRAPH2004 and won Prix ARS ELECTRONICA honorable mention.

(c)2004,2005 NEtROBOt Project

It was an experimental project that connected human-body and robot and achieved communications of simultaneous/unsimultaneous, physics/non-physics through the web. At that time, there was no platform of a virtual-space only as shockwave3d. I wrote in description,

This project started based on AIBO, because which is the best robot/interface available in the present market.
But, This is also a concept which can extend to the general robots and devices that have various sensors and actuators.

From now on, we want to extend our concept toward an infinite possibility of the human interface between "actual-space and the WEB-space", and make both worlds more close to each other.

Moreover, this project offers to extend the power of web3D in familiar way with its contents creators. There is a market where the tools and the creators have already existed enough, so the future is beside you.
This concept can be achieved more easily now at the time of exist a lot of Metaverse services. It seems to become my activity theme of this year.

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