03 May, 2010

Nominated as a Finalist: FILE PRIX LUX in Sao Paulo

``Tuvalu Visualization Project" has been nominated as a finalist in FILE PRIX LUX, a media arts competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

You can vote your favorite work. If you want to vote ``Tuvalu Visualization Project", Please operate it along the following procedure.

  1. Enter your E-MAIL address.
  2. Select ``Tuvalu Visialization Project" in the pull-down menu.
  3. Read captcha text and enter it in text-field.
  4. Push ``VOTE".
  5. Click the link in the notification mail.

We went to Sao Paulo for our presentation in FILE 2009 Sao Paulo in 2 years ago. Our presentation in YouTube can be seen here.

13 April, 2010

3DCG + Second Life Machinima

This is an unique example of the method of making movie using mashup of 3DCG + Second Life machinima.

This is a PR movie of the activity for public industrial-academic complex of Tokyo Metropolitan University. This was composed of 2 elements: 1.3DCG that used photographs of cities and campuses, 2.Second Life machinima that used photographs of researchers and works. Thus, these two elements are naturally united. This technique can be applied to other various usages.

  • Kenji Ishimaru (POLYGON PICTURES.INC.)
  • Takashi Yamaguchi
  • Hidenori Watanave (Tokyo Metropolitan University / Photon, Inc.)

03 March, 2010

Ultra High-Definition photo-overlays of Tuvalu on Google Earth

I uploaded a capture movie of Ultra High-Definition photo-overlays of Tuvalu on Google Earth. It is a content of Tuvalu Visualization Project. It was presented in 4K digital cinema festival of Digital Contents Expo 2009.

All photographs: (c) Shuuichi Endou / Tuvalu Overview

It is a sample of photo-overlays on google earth with beautiful photographs by Shuuichi Endou. I remember that super-high resolution (Ultra High Definition) photo overlay had been presented in the lecture of Mr. Michael T. Jones who is the Google Earth developer.
  • Photographs: (c) Shuuichi Endou / Tuvalu Overview
  • Contents creation: Hidenori Watanave Laboratory, Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • Music: Kensuke Takada and Makiko Suzuki Harada