27 March, 2009

i-Kisho Kurokawa workshop

i-Kisho Kurokawa workshop was a virtual world workshop. The theme of workshop was "translating" concept of Nakagin capsule tower building (by Kisho Kurokawa) into virtual world. The participant represented the concept of "Metabolist movement" in Second Life, without a physical restriction of gravity etc. Five students the third grader (Faculty of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University) participated in this workshop from November, 2008 to February, 2009. See also: Nakagin Capsule Tower in Second Life

by Kaname Shimizu
Capsule-cubes who have each vitality are wriggling. Inside of capsule-cube, the user can cover an arbitrary face of capsule-cube with small capsules.

by Makiko Suzuki
The user can acquire mini-capsule which a capsule is built into. When the user clicks mini-capsule in an arbitrary place, a capsule is generated.

by Yohei Nakano
A lot of capsules wriggle each other, and cubic shape is formed as a whole.

by Ryuta Kawahara
The user moves sitting on the capsule. Kisho Kurokawa's work and life can be inspected along the elevator.

by Miki Koyama
Capsule group is forming the shape of Kisho Kurokawa's face. The user can teleport toward the capsule to inspect Kisho Kurokawa's work and sentences, and also websites.

  • Production: Hidenori Watanave Laboratory @ Tokyo Metropolitan University + Atelier Ten
  • Original design + project cooperation: Kisho Kurokawa architecture and urban design office
  • Produce: Nikkei architecture

04 March, 2009

FILE Rio 2009 Exhibiton

Our project "Archidemo" that was the starting point of our activities was selected for FILE RIO 2009 Exhibition. The work exhibited in FILE Sao Paulo 2008 last year will be exhibited again.

The event will take place at Oi Futuro Cultural Center, located at Dois de Dezembro street, 63, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It will be hold from March 10th to April 19th, 2009.