25 April, 2009

3rd and 4th day of Laval Virtual

Our "Laval VRchive" is published in the Laval Virtual feature of the newspaper of France.

Yesterday was the last day of buisiness day, and today to tommorow are public-open day of Laval Virtual.

Many many, thousand of people come to Laval Virtual. Our "Laval VRchive" is especially popular for children because we are using Wii remote.

The symposium by professors at the university in Japan was held today. The theme of sympoium is "Why do so many Japanese come to Laval Virtual?"

It is the final day tomorrow.

24 April, 2009

2nd day of Laval Virtual

Yesterday is 2nd day of Laval Virtual. A lot of people came, more than the first day. A high school student in local was explaining as volunteer.

From laval2009

From laval2009

And also, she made her own avator in exhibit space. People in France are spending time in Laval Virtual really happily.

From laval2009

I'll upload other works and exhibition tommorow.

22 April, 2009

1st day of Laval Virtual

Today is 1st day of Laval Virtual Exhibition. We had completed our settings of Laval VRchive in last night. Many people come our space and play our project. It's very nice day.

I will upload more pictures and videos tommorow.

15 April, 2009

Leave your comments: Photographs of Laval VRchive

Please leave your comments!

Here are a lot of photographs that are used in Laval VRchive. Please leave your comment on all photographs on Picasa, be frankly! They will be refrected for Laval VRchive in Second Life later.

Laval VRchive in Second Life:

You can see all photographs of past Laval Virtual ReVolution, before clicking below slideshows.

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2005

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2006

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2007

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2008

13 April, 2009

Laval VRchive with Tobii Eye Tracker

Today I experimented "Laval VRchive with Tobii Eye Tracker" with professors and students in Tokyo Metropolitan University. This is an experiment to operate contents of the virtual world by the gaze. This was a very happy experiment though the operation of software was still unstable.

List of key assign:
  • Gazing Upside : Up
  • Gazing Downside : Down
  • Gazing RightSide : Right Turn
  • Gazing LeftSide : Left Turn
  • Wink : Click
Moreover, to avoid malfunctioning, the mouse is set not to reach to a top and bottom of the screen edge. We will exhibit "Wiimote(Wii Remote) Version" and this movie in Laval Virtual.

Extra: with NG scene.

Hidenori Watanave(me), Kumiko Kushiyama, Keiko Kasamatsu.
Ryuta Kawahara, Naomi Kuratani, Noriko Koshiishi, Miki Koyama, Tatsuhiko Suzuki, Makiko Suzuki, Kazuhiro Harada, Syunsuke Mogi, and Yuichi Watanabe

06 April, 2009

Laval VRchive Prototype

Laval VRchive Prototype

Now I'm constructing "Laval VRchive" prototype. I will finish work in this week, and test new interfaces - Tobii Eye-Tracker and Wii Remote. I will upload new movies in next week !