19 December, 2009

SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 Presentation

Our 2 presentations at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 are completed. We just uploaded our movies to YouTube. One movie of Sketches session is full version, but another one is a digest version, because of YouTube's limitation of time-length.

Tuvalu Visualization Project"
Presentation by Makiko Suzuki Harada

"Educational Activity Using A Photograph Mapping System"
Presentation by Hidenori Watanave

08 December, 2009

Our exhibition in COP15 is now open

Exhibition of Tuvalu Visualization Project at NPO Tuvalu Overview's exhibit space in COP15 is now open. Mr. Shuichi Endo is on the floor though I was not able to go to the locale.

Those who come to exhibition can post messages from the screen of Google Earth. Afterwards, a blue line is drawn toward a person from the contribution place to Tuvalu. The line of the light of the message is wrapping all over the world. Let's participate by all means. >> Official Website

02 December, 2009

Selected as Jury recommended works of 2009 [13th] Japan Media Arts Festival

Tuvalu Visualization Project was selected as Jury recommended works of 2009 [13th] Japan Media Arts Festival. This will be exhibited at The National Art Center Tokyo, Feb. 03-14 2010.

The 13th Japan Media Arts Festival Fact sheet

[ Works Submitted ]

  • Art Division: 1,169 works
  • Entertainment Division: 622 works
  • Animation Division: 473 works
  • Manga Division: 328 works

Total: 2,592 works

[ Overseas Entries ]

673 works from 53 nations and regions,

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba, Czech, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland (UK), Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, USA, and Venezuela(alphabetical order)

01 December, 2009

Google Earth Machinimas for Ajinomoto corporation

We - Photon and Polygon pictures, with Hidenori Watanave Laboratory @ Tokyo Metropolitan University - produced 2 machinimas for CSR and environment acitivity of Ajinomoto corporation (the largest food company in Japan). These are published on the official channel.

We used Google Earth for making these movies. We were able to produce dynamic movies with high quality in short terms. These will become examples of the method of movie producing.

These movies are in Japansese only. Even If you cannot understand Japanese, you can enjoy beautiful sequences and musics.

21 November, 2009

Second Life workshop by 3 universities in Japan

There are works of the Second Life workshop -起想転街 (Ki-Sou-Ten-Gai)- by Tokyo Metropolitan University, Miyagi University, and a digital Hollywood university. This workshop makes use of "Misunderstanding" that occurs on the Internet in consciousness. The process of the workshop is the following.
  1. Photographs in Hachioji, Akihabara, and Sendai were taken, and shared with Picasa Web Album.
  2. "Urban Myth" of each towns were twitted with twitter.
  3. Towns each other were produced on Second Life by using twits and photographs .
These works are different from the sceneries of actual cities because they were made based on only information on the Internet. In a word, these are imaginary and informationized cities - "i-Cities". You can see all works in in-world and youtube.

『Letter from Miyagi』






『Defended city ~守られる街~』




14 November, 2009

Exhibition @ COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009

Tuvalu Visualization Project will be exhibited in NPO Tuvalu Overview's exhibit space at COP15 - United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009, Dec.07-19.

This project will be exhibited in several places in 2010. More detailed information will be notified by this blog.

03 November, 2009

Tuvalu Visualization Project (Exhibition Edition)

We had completed our exhibition @ Digital Contents Expo 2009, Miraikan, Tokyo. We did the examination screening of super-high-resolution photograph on Google Earth in 4K theater with Shuuichi Endou (Photographer, Rep. of NPO Tuvalu Overview). It will be introduced at the next chance.

and now, we had uploaded "Exhibition Edition" capturing movie. This is including "Build the future with 10000 Tuvaluan" and "Tuvalu Mapping". You can browse all contents at official website.

11 September, 2009

"Tuvalu Mapping"was Updated

We updated "Tuvalu Mapping". We arranged altitudes of Placemarks, and applied the Photo-overlay-function of Google Earth. And, more dynamic inspection became possible.

3200 Placemarks and 400 Photo Overlays are available now.

Produced by:
Hidenori Watanave Laboratory
Faculty of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University
(Makiko Suzuki, Yuichi Watanabe, Hidenori Watanave)

Supported by:
NPO Tuvalu Overview and Photon, Inc.

30 August, 2009

Tuvalu Visualization Project

Download Google Earth data (kmz)

Tuvalu Visualization Project is an art project visualizing information of Tuvalu on Google Earth. This project has been executed as a joint research of NPO Tuvalu Overview and Hidenori Watanave Laboratory @ Tokyo Metropolitan University from September 2008.

This project is composed of three elements.
The purpose of project is to disclose actual information about People and Scenery in Tuvalu to the world.

It is said that Tuvalu is exposed to danger of going under water by sea level rising because of global warming. However, we suppose that it is important to understand not only the problem of global warming, but also the real situation of Tuvalu. The Internet is an effective tool for collecting information, but it was difficult to obtain information of the real situation of Tuvalu from the Internet.

Therefore, we produced this project to present the real situation of Tuvalu, to improve the interest in Tuvalu, and to receive feedback from all over the world.

28 July, 2009

Photosynth of Tuvalu

We uploaded Photosynth(s) of Tuvalu.

There are typical 7 synthes of Funafuti available. (plug-in is necessary)
As we wrote, we took 5000 or more pictures in Tuvalu including photographs on all roads of Funafuti. We are making much more synthes.

See also: Photosynth of Nakagin Capsule Tower

27 July, 2009

3200 Photographs with GPS of Tuvalu

We uploaded 3200 Photographs with GPS of Tuvalu as the first of the result of a joint research with NPO Tuvalu OverView.

It can be viewed with Google Earth and Picasa Web Album.

These photographs can be freely used for a non-profit-making purpose. Please contact us when you want to use it for profit.

Hidenori Watanave Laboratory @ Tokyo Metropolitan University
(Makiko Suzuki, Hidenori Watanave)

Supported by:
Tuvalu OverView and Photon,Inc.

and also, we are making 3D photograph oriented space of Tuvalu by using Virtual Worlds. Experimental version that uses Microsoft Photosynth are open to the public.

21 July, 2009

The last day: Eclipse in Tuvalu

Today is the last day of our reserch. We take photographs of Eclipse in Tuvalu. 85% of the sun was lacked in Tuvalu.

And also, we took HD movies of Eclipse, we will upload it soon.

A perfect rainbow appeared on the opposite side of the sun.

20 July, 2009

The 6th day in Tuvalu: Mission completed

We completed the collection of 5563 photographs with GPS route in Funafuti.
  • Almost sequences of all roads
  • Partial coastlines
  • Panoramic pictures of several places
  • Inside of houses
  • Coastline and planting in the south end of Funafuti atoll
  • Sky and surfaces of ground

From tuvalu2009

And also, following videos.
  • Fixed camera movies from insect view of several places
  • Continuous sequences from north end to south end with special camera
A special camera is this. It is possible to take movies of both right and left sceneries on the road by using this.

We will share kml data (Placemarks and Photooverlays) on August.

18 July, 2009

The 3rd day in Tuval

Yesterday, we went Funafara, south-edge of Funafuti atoll by boat. We got GPS log and pictures on the way to Funafara.

From tuvalu2009

From tuvalu2009

From tuvalu2009

We plan to take geostationary frame HD movies, coastline, detailed alley, etc. while staying for more four days.

17 July, 2009

GPS mapping of Tuvalu

From tuvalu2009

Now I'm in Tuvalu with a student of Hidenori Watanave laboratory @ Tokyo Metropolitan University and NPO Tuvalu Overview.

We are correcting a lot of pictures, and we will make thousands of placemarks and photo-overlays of Tuvalu on Google Earth, and 3D photograph-oriented space in Second Life, and supporting+communication system of the activity of Tuvalu Overview. Tempolary situation of material collection is as follows.

From tuvalu2009

From tuvalu2009

From tuvalu2009

And I uploaded test version of panoramic picture of Tuvalu. This place is the narrowest point in Tuvalu. A violent open sea faces a quiet lagoon. This is a scene that symbolizes Tuvalu on the borderline between development and native exist.

You can scroll it.

It will be open to public in September 2009.

04 June, 2009

SIGGRAPH Archive 2009

Now we are preparing for producing "SIGGRAPH Archive 2009".

SIGGRAPH Archive 2008

Laval VRchive


SIGGRAPH Archive 2009 is a 3D image archive of past SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia, oriented on Second Life, Picasa, and Flicker. It can be exhibited with Wii Remote or Keyboard + Mouse. Previous version of this archive were exhibited in SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 (Singapore) and Laval Virtual 2009 (Laval, France).

SIGGRAPH Asia Archive in Second Life
SIGGRAPH Archive 2008

Laval VRchive Prototype
Laval VRchive

SIGGRAPH Archive 2009 is the latest version of interactive 3D image archive of past SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia. And also, this is a new platform that ties exhibitor + exhibition space + visitor.

All photographs are collected from past chairmans of SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPHAsia, participants and guests of SIGGRAPH, and people on the web.

Past photographs can be queried by the time and keyword. Author's original design method "Contents Oriented Space" - Space design technique that is appropriate for body sensation of virtual world that is not imitation of real world - is used for space planning, thus, the user can browse past photographs immersively by selecting and clicking next to next photographs in the air.

SIGGRAPH Archive 2009 can be enjoyed more easily by using a projector and a Wii-remote. An immersive browsing is possible with controlling full-scale avatar by the entire body of user. In the use of projector + Wii Remote in Laval Virtual 2009 exhibition, it was so popular among children.

The photograph of this SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 can also be archived in (half) real time. When the visitor up-loads the photograph to photo-sharing service, it will be reflected in the archive in Second Life later.

It will be continuously updated after next year.

Technical Description

This is a mashup project of virtual world (Second Life) and photo-sharing service (Picasa and Flickr). This archive can be accessed through the Internet at the same time as accessing it in the exhibit space.

The visitor in the exhibit space and the user in the Internet can making communications simultaneously by chat, and un-simultaneously by comment on photo-sharing service.

The author is using Second Life, Flickr, and Picasa those are the best platform in 2009. But, new platform will be able to be selected according to the age in the future.

Media Arts in the World
Media arts festival mapping

Moreover, as an additional function, photographs with geotag can be mapped on Google Earth, like "Media arts festival mapping" @ Japan Media arts Festival 2008.


Laval VRchive
  • Exhibited in Laval Virtual 2009
  • Photographs by Laval Virtual and Akihiko Shirai
  • Created by Hidenori Watanave, Conception by Akihiko Shirai
  • Supported by Photon, Inc.
SIGGRAPH Archive 2008
  • Exhibited in SIGGRAPH Asia 2008
  • Photographs by Jacki Morie, Brian Blau, Kathryn Saunders, and Toshihiro Konma
  • Created by Hidenori Watanave, Conception by Tomoe Moriyama
  • Music by Kensuke Takada

25 April, 2009

3rd and 4th day of Laval Virtual

Our "Laval VRchive" is published in the Laval Virtual feature of the newspaper of France.

Yesterday was the last day of buisiness day, and today to tommorow are public-open day of Laval Virtual.

Many many, thousand of people come to Laval Virtual. Our "Laval VRchive" is especially popular for children because we are using Wii remote.

The symposium by professors at the university in Japan was held today. The theme of sympoium is "Why do so many Japanese come to Laval Virtual?"

It is the final day tomorrow.

24 April, 2009

2nd day of Laval Virtual

Yesterday is 2nd day of Laval Virtual. A lot of people came, more than the first day. A high school student in local was explaining as volunteer.

From laval2009

From laval2009

And also, she made her own avator in exhibit space. People in France are spending time in Laval Virtual really happily.

From laval2009

I'll upload other works and exhibition tommorow.

22 April, 2009

1st day of Laval Virtual

Today is 1st day of Laval Virtual Exhibition. We had completed our settings of Laval VRchive in last night. Many people come our space and play our project. It's very nice day.

I will upload more pictures and videos tommorow.

15 April, 2009

Leave your comments: Photographs of Laval VRchive

Please leave your comments!

Here are a lot of photographs that are used in Laval VRchive. Please leave your comment on all photographs on Picasa, be frankly! They will be refrected for Laval VRchive in Second Life later.

Laval VRchive in Second Life:

You can see all photographs of past Laval Virtual ReVolution, before clicking below slideshows.

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2005

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2006

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2007

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2008

13 April, 2009

Laval VRchive with Tobii Eye Tracker

Today I experimented "Laval VRchive with Tobii Eye Tracker" with professors and students in Tokyo Metropolitan University. This is an experiment to operate contents of the virtual world by the gaze. This was a very happy experiment though the operation of software was still unstable.

List of key assign:
  • Gazing Upside : Up
  • Gazing Downside : Down
  • Gazing RightSide : Right Turn
  • Gazing LeftSide : Left Turn
  • Wink : Click
Moreover, to avoid malfunctioning, the mouse is set not to reach to a top and bottom of the screen edge. We will exhibit "Wiimote(Wii Remote) Version" and this movie in Laval Virtual.

Extra: with NG scene.

Hidenori Watanave(me), Kumiko Kushiyama, Keiko Kasamatsu.
Ryuta Kawahara, Naomi Kuratani, Noriko Koshiishi, Miki Koyama, Tatsuhiko Suzuki, Makiko Suzuki, Kazuhiro Harada, Syunsuke Mogi, and Yuichi Watanabe

06 April, 2009

Laval VRchive Prototype

Laval VRchive Prototype

Now I'm constructing "Laval VRchive" prototype. I will finish work in this week, and test new interfaces - Tobii Eye-Tracker and Wii Remote. I will upload new movies in next week !

27 March, 2009

i-Kisho Kurokawa workshop

i-Kisho Kurokawa workshop was a virtual world workshop. The theme of workshop was "translating" concept of Nakagin capsule tower building (by Kisho Kurokawa) into virtual world. The participant represented the concept of "Metabolist movement" in Second Life, without a physical restriction of gravity etc. Five students the third grader (Faculty of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University) participated in this workshop from November, 2008 to February, 2009. See also: Nakagin Capsule Tower in Second Life

by Kaname Shimizu
Capsule-cubes who have each vitality are wriggling. Inside of capsule-cube, the user can cover an arbitrary face of capsule-cube with small capsules.

by Makiko Suzuki
The user can acquire mini-capsule which a capsule is built into. When the user clicks mini-capsule in an arbitrary place, a capsule is generated.

by Yohei Nakano
A lot of capsules wriggle each other, and cubic shape is formed as a whole.

by Ryuta Kawahara
The user moves sitting on the capsule. Kisho Kurokawa's work and life can be inspected along the elevator.

by Miki Koyama
Capsule group is forming the shape of Kisho Kurokawa's face. The user can teleport toward the capsule to inspect Kisho Kurokawa's work and sentences, and also websites.

  • Production: Hidenori Watanave Laboratory @ Tokyo Metropolitan University + Atelier Ten
  • Original design + project cooperation: Kisho Kurokawa architecture and urban design office
  • Produce: Nikkei architecture

04 March, 2009

FILE Rio 2009 Exhibiton

Our project "Archidemo" that was the starting point of our activities was selected for FILE RIO 2009 Exhibition. The work exhibited in FILE Sao Paulo 2008 last year will be exhibited again.

The event will take place at Oi Futuro Cultural Center, located at Dois de Dezembro street, 63, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It will be hold from March 10th to April 19th, 2009.


23 February, 2009

Winners 2009: Laval Virtual ReVolution

Our work "Laval VRchive" has been accepted to the Laval Virtual ReVolution 2009 session as "Welcome", international VR competition by Laval Virtual - 11th international meeting of virtual reality.

We will exhibit "Laval VRchive", That is the Laval Virtual Revolution version of "SIGGRAPH Archive in Second Life" with 3D connection spacenavigator and Wii Remote. Laval Virtual will be held at Theatre de Herce - Salle Polyvalente (Multifunction Hall), Laval, France, 22-26 April 2009. And see also SIGGRAPH Archive.

Now we are calling for photographs of past Laval Virtual ReVolution. See more.

You can see Laval VRchive in Second Life:

Laval VRchive with Tobii Eye Tracker:



Accepted Class "Invited"

  • YOTARO, University of Tsukuba
  • LevelHead, N/A
  • Copycat Hand for All, University of Tsukuba
  • Space Trash, Institute of Graphics and Paralell Processing, JKU, Linz

Accepted Class "Welcome"

  • Babbage Cabbage, Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore
  • Thermotaxis, Yonakani
  • Musical "gugugugu" and "A~", Otobane Project
  • LightTwist, Laboratoire Vision3D
  • La flèche de l'odeur, Kanawaza Technical College
  • Catopsys project, University of Auvergne
  • BrickLayer, Kyoto University
  • Joystick everywhere, University of Tsukuba
  • Scoop-and-Release, Tama University
  • Good-bye feet!, University of Tokyo and Tokyo University of the Arts
  • Surrounding of Firefly, The University of Electro-Communications
  • Laval VRchive, Tokyo Metropoilitan University / Photon, Inc

27 January, 2009

Media Arts in the World Mapping

"Media Arts in the World Mapping" is launched .

This is a art project made for the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival, and this is a visualization of information of a media art festival all over the world that used Google Earth and Maps.

Detailed place information, logomark of festival, and slideshow of photograph open to the public in Flickr can be inspected. Moreover, the holding time of the festival can be understood in Google Earth along the time axis. This project is exhibited with "SIGGRAPH Archive in Second Life" in the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival, holding on February 4-15.

Hidenori Watanave, Tomoko Hatanaka, Tomohiro Okada, and Satomi Miwa