15 January, 2010

Ars Electronica Archive in Second Life

Updated 20100115: Live camera function, and BGM by K. Takada (a student in Tokyo Metropolitan University) was installed. This archive will be exhibited in mouse-looking mode with a controller of Playstation.

Updated 20100110: The media browser and Ars Electronica archives of 1987 - 1991 were included. >>movie

Updated 20100109:
Viewing function of Twitter search result and contents of official website were included. >>movie

Updated 20100107: Japanese Artists' works of Ars Electronica 1987 were included. >>movie

Now we are developing "Ars Electronica Archive in Second Life" for our exhibition in "Technoclasm Cyber Arts Japan / Ars Electronica 30 years for Art and Media Technology" in MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART TOKYO.

Now It is under construction, and will be exhibited in the museum, Feb.02 - Mar.22, 2010. We will introduce its progress report by this blog.

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