26 January, 2010

Ars Electronica Archive in Second Life (Complete Version)

"Ars Electronica Archive in Second Life" was produced for exhibition in "Technoclasm Cyber Arts Japan / Ars Electronica 30 years for Art and Media Technology" at Museum of Contemporary art Tokyo and The 13th Japan Media Arts Festival.

In this archive, users can browse images and webpages of Japanese winners of Prix Ars Electronica 1987 to 2007. And also, this archive support Livecam function (the scene of exhibition will be projected) and twitter search widget. I'm constructing new function contributing the chatlog in Second Life to twitter now.


Created by Hidenori Watanave + Hidenori Watanave Lab. Tokyo Metropolitan University (Music by Kensuke Takada, Supported by Yumi Akutsu, Ayaka Daimon, Yuki Nakamaru, Yurina Takata and Kazuya Kitahara)
Conception by Tomoe Moriyama

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