08 June, 2008

ViZiMO workshop in Tokyo Metropolitan University

I held a special workshop of Japanese metaverse (3Di) platform 'ViZiMO' by MiCROViSiON Inc. in Tokyo Metropolitan University.

Workshop theme was 'Translating real space into virtual space', that I wrote in Abstract of Archidemo. 18 students joined the workshop, and the period of workshop was three weeks. There were various variations of final output by students that used ViZiMO as tools of 'Movie (machinima) production', 'Game developing', and 'Producing the space with special physics'.

The following playlist covers all students' works.

We can construct 3d space including physics and various interactive events only with GUI without coding by using ViZiMO. It is the best 3Di platform for students, begginer, and general person who is not the high-skilled creator. MiCROViSiON Inc. is serving only a Japanese version now. However, I am expecting their progressing of an international version.


The students of third grader class in Tokyo Metropolitan University

Workshop Leader:

Hidenori Watanave (Supervisor of Photon,Inc., Associate Professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University, Visiting Professor of Digital Hollywood University)

Jury members:
  • Minoru Aonuma (Company Rep. of MiCROViSiON Inc.) and Associates
  • Akio Fukano (Visiting Associate Professor of Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Fellow of Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Yukihito Morikawa (Company Rep. of MuuMuu co. ltd.)
  • Takanobu Migitera (Marketing Fellow of Connecty Inc.)
  • Yumiko Sugiura (Journalist)
and Shinichi Kasahara (Professor) and Tetsuaki Baba (Assistant Professor) of TMU also participated in jury.

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