02 June, 2008

SIGGRAPH2008 in Los Angels

Archidemo and Digital Design Competition 2007 were accepted to be part of SIGGRAPH2008 (Aug.11 - 15, at Los Angeles Convention Center). Reprint of mail as follows.
We are very pleased to inform you that your submission title: "Archidemo - Architecture in Metaverse", Submission Id: "latebreaking_0111" has been accepted to be part of the SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference in Los Angeles, California. A diverse group of leading experts have chosen your submission for presentation out of many that were received due to its high quality, interest, and impact on the SIGGRAPH Community.
Because the result announcement of the digital design competition was later than the deadline of SIGGRAPH, I entered our abstract in 'Late-Breaking Program'. There are 4 reviews, three are friendly and other one is very critically. At any rate, it is glad that the activity in the metaverse was evaluated. I have already decided to go to FILE2008 Sao Paulo (presentation is Aug.05), and if it is possible, I will go to Los Angeles in middle of August.


Swannjie said...

wonderful, great!

HIdenori Watanave said...

Thanks swan !
I want to go also ARS ELECTRONICA, but I can't go on this year.