13 April, 2009

Laval VRchive with Tobii Eye Tracker

Today I experimented "Laval VRchive with Tobii Eye Tracker" with professors and students in Tokyo Metropolitan University. This is an experiment to operate contents of the virtual world by the gaze. This was a very happy experiment though the operation of software was still unstable.

List of key assign:
  • Gazing Upside : Up
  • Gazing Downside : Down
  • Gazing RightSide : Right Turn
  • Gazing LeftSide : Left Turn
  • Wink : Click
Moreover, to avoid malfunctioning, the mouse is set not to reach to a top and bottom of the screen edge. We will exhibit "Wiimote(Wii Remote) Version" and this movie in Laval Virtual.

Extra: with NG scene.

Hidenori Watanave(me), Kumiko Kushiyama, Keiko Kasamatsu.
Ryuta Kawahara, Naomi Kuratani, Noriko Koshiishi, Miki Koyama, Tatsuhiko Suzuki, Makiko Suzuki, Kazuhiro Harada, Syunsuke Mogi, and Yuichi Watanabe


Unknown said...

There are much more robust and accurate gaze control systems on the market than Tobii: and these companies are more honest (Tobii promises more than they deliver) and easy to deal with. Try out: SDI in Germany; Seeing Machines in Australia; and Eye Tech in the USA.

HIdenori Watanave said...

Thank you for your comment, Father. It's 1st time of my test of Eye-Tracking. I want to test other platform.

Eye Gaze Tracking said...

Is that available for navigating on the web?
I would like to try it.

HIdenori Watanave said...

Hi, I've made VB.net application for this project. I can upload that, but it is optimized for my Second Life project (It wii be inconvenient).

Eye Gaze Tracking said...

Hi Hidenori,
I'm working in the development of a free eye tracking software (myeye.jimdo.com) and I would like to test it with second life.
If you can send me an installer of your software to test it I would appreciate that.

HIdenori Watanave said...

It's OK. But I'm in France now, I will upload it when I'm back to Japan. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Interesting comment. I would like to know more about you Father and the claims you have there. What kind of experiences do you have?

I am working for Tobii in Germany, and I never heard of a company called SDI in Germany doing Eye Tracking (as a competitor I would sure know). This shows how much knowledge you have. The company is called SMI!

I believe that in the last years much more academic and commercial publications were made based on the usage of Tobii systems than with any other eye tracking systems. You can check that on Google scholar research. Also regarding the customers and references that Tobii has, you will find basically the complete who-is-who in academic and commercial research. How would that be possible if the accuracy and technology would be so bad?

Please don't take this as an offence, but can you prove any of the claims you posted?

Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss further: robertino.pereira@tobii.com.