23 February, 2009

Winners 2009: Laval Virtual ReVolution

Our work "Laval VRchive" has been accepted to the Laval Virtual ReVolution 2009 session as "Welcome", international VR competition by Laval Virtual - 11th international meeting of virtual reality.

We will exhibit "Laval VRchive", That is the Laval Virtual Revolution version of "SIGGRAPH Archive in Second Life" with 3D connection spacenavigator and Wii Remote. Laval Virtual will be held at Theatre de Herce - Salle Polyvalente (Multifunction Hall), Laval, France, 22-26 April 2009. And see also SIGGRAPH Archive.

Now we are calling for photographs of past Laval Virtual ReVolution. See more.

You can see Laval VRchive in Second Life:

Laval VRchive with Tobii Eye Tracker:



Accepted Class "Invited"

  • YOTARO, University of Tsukuba
  • LevelHead, N/A
  • Copycat Hand for All, University of Tsukuba
  • Space Trash, Institute of Graphics and Paralell Processing, JKU, Linz

Accepted Class "Welcome"

  • Babbage Cabbage, Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore
  • Thermotaxis, Yonakani
  • Musical "gugugugu" and "A~", Otobane Project
  • LightTwist, Laboratoire Vision3D
  • La fl├Ęche de l'odeur, Kanawaza Technical College
  • Catopsys project, University of Auvergne
  • BrickLayer, Kyoto University
  • Joystick everywhere, University of Tsukuba
  • Scoop-and-Release, Tama University
  • Good-bye feet!, University of Tokyo and Tokyo University of the Arts
  • Surrounding of Firefly, The University of Electro-Communications
  • Laval VRchive, Tokyo Metropoilitan University / Photon, Inc

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