19 November, 2008

SIGGRAPH Asia Archive in Second Life (Prototype)

Now I am developing "SIGGRAPH Asia Archive in Second Life" for Art Gallery of SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 in Singapore.

SIGGRAPH ASIA Archive in Second Life

SIGGRAPH ASIA Archive in Second Life

The aim of this project is "Developing 3D image archive of Emerging Technologies". This is due to a conception of Tomoe Moriyama (SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Art Gallery Chair). Thanks to the cooperation of several people, a lot of images of "Emerging Technology" are collected now.

"Photograph space" scatter when the plate of each age is clicked. Avatar can sit on "Photograph space" by clicking the photograph of the favor, and can be inspected peacefully. This mechanism is an application of "3-D image database of Oscar Niemeyer".

SIGGRAPH ASIA Archive in Second Life

This is a prototype that uses the photographs of 1996. A lot of photographs until 2008 is prepared to be added.

SIGGRAPH ASIA Archive in Second Life

This project will be exhibited in SIGGRAPH Asia, Dec.10 to 13 in Singapore.

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