02 July, 2008

The 100th anniversary of exchanging between Japan and Brazil

The year 2008 is "The 100th anniversary of exchanging between Japan and Brazil". My - Hidenori Watanave Laboratory of Tokyo Metropolitan University's - proposal passed the examination, and became an official event of Nippaku 2008 (Japanese and Portugues).

My proposal is "3D-Internet archive of architecture and city environment of Japan and Brazil. " I am planning to do the work of "Reconstruction" of architecture by Oscar Niemeyer and the architect in Japan to Second Life and Google Earth. A movie below is "Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum" on Google Earth (This was created by someone).

In addition, I will produce "Conversation space" concerning "Brazil","Niemeyer",etc. by using ChatBot. A movie below is a sample of "Conversation space" by Koichiro Hajiri in Archidemo.

I will make a presentation of this project in FILE2008 Sao Paulo.

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